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Cathcart and District Festival

C&DCC conducted a prioritisation session during its first meeting to understand the priorities of the CC, and once the results were feedback set up an online survey to understand the priorities of the community.


The community was asked to rank the top ideas in priority order from 1 to 18. They were then asked to provide any additional comments and indicated where they lived in the C&DCC area. The survey had 61 respondents.

Priority Ranking

This table compares the C&DCC ranking (left column) with the Community Consultation (right column). Some of the priorities were collapsed for the community consultation.

RankC&DCC PrioritiesRankCommunity Priorities
1Restore Cathcart Loop – 4 trains/hour1Reopen the Snuff Mill Entrance at Linn Park
2Re-open Linn Park entrance at Snuff Mill Bridge2Restore the Cathcart circle service to 4 trains an hour
3Christmas tree outside the Couper3Keep the Couper library open
4Delvin Road/Clarkston road junction – jumping lights4Improve street cleaning and maintenance
5Improved cycling infrastructure and parking5Community events
6Restore the lamps on the Cathcart bridge6Ensure the community can engage with the community council
7Couper Library – keeping it open7Improved street lighting
8Improve street maintenance and cleaning8Enforce the car-free zone at schools
9Improve children’s play equipment – Linn and Merrylee Park9Improved opening hours to Castlemilk pool
10Cleansing, roads, parks10Tackle light-jumping at Delvin and Clarkston Road
11Hanging baskets and planters11Improve children’s play equipment in Linn Park
12Litter picking/campaign12Hanging baskets and planters
13Whole community events – Big lunch13Improved cycling infrastructure and parking
14Enforce car free zone at Schools14Restore the lamps on Cathcart Bridge
15Welcome to Cathcart sign15Improve children’s play equipment in Merrylee Park
16Tree lights in Holmlea Park16An annual Christmas tree outside the Couper
17Improved opening hours for Castlemilk Pool17Tree lights in Holmlea Park
18Ensure the community can engage with the CC18A “welcome to Cathcart” sign
19Community event – like lantern parade/winter windows  
20Improved street lighting  

Additional comments

After coding the comments, the themes under which the comments fell are:

Roads – potholes, gritting, parking14
Business support3
Community events3
Maintenance – green verges, signs, drains3
Linn Park2
History – Cathcart Castle1
Planning – Celeros1
Grand Total30

The comments in full:

Addressing the timings for the pedestrian crossing outside the Couper so it functions as a pedestrian orientated crossing

I have a cost effective idea on how to safely reopen linn park .

Celeros staff taking up parking


Grass cutting/ edge maintenance and weed control

Improved recycling facilities

Requalification of Cathcart Castle as historical relevant locat. As part of the ‘netting’ of that part of the park, I’d love to see the castle area cleared, landscaped and made accessible. Work could be done by local groups (friends of L park?) just like we do in Merrylee school.

Monitor Celeros development and impact on area.

Winter gritting for Braehead Estate

The access roads and potholes are becoming a hazard, especially on gradient road areas,

Improve bin collections (esp glass)

Removing decaying/rusting signs

Stop parking on pavements

Introduce permit parking

I would like the roads to be gritted especially Shannon road

More litterbins

Red light camera at crossing outside the library

Specific sub group of cc for merrylee issues recognising differences between communities

Tackle pavement driving on Muirskeith road

One way system for some parts of Merrylee

Addressing the poor state of local roads and pavements

Regular parking attendant checks on the corner of Old Castle Road and Crompton avenue – people parking on double yellows all day everyday.

Speed reducing measures on Old Castle Road

Uneven pavements, potholes and blocked road drains

All dogs on leads in the cemetery!

Open a Lidl in the area

New gym in Cathcart

Tidying up/repairing areas of Linn Park

Community exercise initiatives, e.g. walking/running/cycling groups

Speed bumps or one way system on Friarton Road,

more activities for children/youths,

 improve shops in the local area such as empty units at Merrylee shops and on Clarkston Road.

Streets need a sweeper to come in to help clear leaves, debris on side roads too. It stops puddles on roads etc


We asked respondents to identify where they lived in the C&DCC area:

Where do you live? 

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