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Note of 24/11/22 Area Partnership Meeting

Area Partnership Meeting

Linn Area Partnership – summary

The papers are available online for everyone to view.

Notes of interest for CCDC members, MT relates to my queries on behalf of CCDC:

  1. Police Scotland – Mark McLaughlan – discussion on Car Free zone (but not in CCDC), bike marking available.
  1. Glasgow Life Presentation- Community Development Team – plan is to make it easier for GL to engage with local communities. It has a named link person to support communities to have an input into Planning. Janet Bain is the link for Linn Ward. Christine Stewart – Principal Librarian – presented the vision for Glasgow Libraries draft is in consultations – themed approach:
    • Health and Wellbeing
    • Economy
    • Social
    • Culture
    • Environment

MT asked about the long term opening of the Couper Library. All Counsellors are committed to maintaining the Couper Library – there is no indication that there are budget cuts planned for the libraries.

Janet Bain – link to Linn Ward for the locality planning and welcome places (note not using ‘warm’). Community Development Team iscommunity.development@glasgowlife.org.uk – Janet contact details are janet.bain@glasgowlife.org.uk

Comment from Gary Maguire (GL Community Development Lead) – he would be keen to come meet with the Save the Coupar group to discuss the VFGL refresh – please emailgary.maguire@glasgowlife.org.uk

  1. Options for use of the Local Parks & Open Space Improvement Fund within Linn – paper – £26k remained to be allocated

The AP approved the funding for the Linn Park walkway (£17k); Castlemilk Park feasibility(£1500); Beech Walk at Linn Cemetery (£1k). There is £6k left – GCC Officers asked to return with what is worthwhile funding, accounting for the reduced funds available compared to requested. There was lots of discussion about the Linn Park Adventure playground, as this is widely used and is in a lot of need of repair, but it is owned by Glasgow Life (who have access to other funding routes) and is well used beyond the Linn Ward with discussion on whether the cost could be picked either by Glasgow Life or by a number of AP’s contributing smaller amounts.

The paper included a section on the closure, of the park entrance at Snuff Mill Bridge, it reads:

Update on Linn Park Path Closure The path leading from the Snuff Mill bridge into Linn Park remains closed to park users due to risk of rockfall within the area. The Service has had a geotechnical survey undertaken, which has confirmed there remains a moderate to high risk of Rockfall within the area. The Geotechnical report has provided some options that GCC now need to consider when moving forward with what is a technically complex project to address these safety concerns. NRS are currently pursuing funding to allow for remedial works to be undertaken, the pathway reopened and safe to use in the years ahead. The Service currently does not have an anticipated timescale for the reopening of the path. 

MT stated it was wholly unsatisfactory that a solution had not been identified for the entrance at Snuff Mill Bridge – this was one of the main entrances to the park for people in CCDC, and those with accessibility issues could not use the Seil Drive entrance. MT requested the officers return with an outline of the plan for addressing the issues and a timescale. The officers informed the AP options have been looked at for the rock fall issues cost between £120k-£220K, there are two options – meshing or a net facility.

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